Ancestral Bioenergy of Easter Island
(Rapa Nui)

Inherited for 26,000 years through the great sages of the Lemuria civilization, the Lemuria Code has enabled the inhabitants of the Polynesian Triangle to live in “Abundance, Peace and Unity”.

This natural harmony has been distorted against our will by manipulations exerted on our physical and subtle bodies and Mother Earth. Those transgressions have produced blockages of the Universal Terrestrial Hologram along with its free human expression.

The Lemuria Code is an ancestral bioenergetic system. By activating a solar sequence, the Lemuria Code generates health and abundance restoring the “Resonance among our Being, our Physical Body and the Universe”.

By using the universal hologram, a sequence of specific points is evaluated: Reconnecting the physical and energetic bodies to the hologram of the earth; Restoring the original connection with the earth and our solar system.

The Lemuria Code allows us to reconnect our body vehicle (physical and mental body) at the origin of what we really are: Our True Being.

This Lemuria Code embodies one of the most powerful energy treatments known so far, allowing a very large amount of energy to circulate.