Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “Let Food be Thy Medicine”. This is true as long as one’s foods contain life giving properties and are devoid of pesticides and all chemical additives, and preferably consumed raw.

Foods which are alive provide life; whereas foods in which the living properties are absent could be considered “dead foods”. A diet of “dead foods” eventually produce disease and death.

Foods which contain living properties receive energy directly from our planet’s sun. These include naturally grown raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains. Cooking any of these living foods causes a loss of their nutritive properties which turns them into “dead foods”.

Some people who are not accustomed to consuming raw foods and require some time to adjust to the change in their diet. However raw foods are easier for our bodies to digest as they are rich in enzymes which are lost in cooking. Raw foods are extremely nutritious as they contain the maximum potency of vitamins and minerals.

An optimal option in assimilating raw foods is to “juice” fresh fruits and vegetables. This has become a very popular and effective way support the intake of these living foods at a high level of energy efficiency.

Our global approach is personalized, allows you to adopt your nutritive elements for a new food hygiene necessary for the well-being of your body. A well-being prescription is recommended to reach your full energy potential.