PRANAYAMA, Breathing Techniques

Why wait until you are in an anxiety attack or in a state of exhaustion to finally realize that you are not breathing properly?

By daily adopting Pranayama and SO HUM Meditation, you can change your life and unfold your New Consciousness of Unconditional Love, Inner Peace and Bliss.

Pranayama is a compound of two separate Sanskrit terms : « Prana » meaning « Life Force » and « Ayama » « Control », Science of Breathing.

Our life is directed by the rhythm of the breathing; We come into the world with the first breath and we leave this world with the last breath. The breath is perpetually in direct interaction with our emotions and our physical body. Controlling your breathing by conscious and voluntary action, with the regularity of your inhales / exhalations, promotes your healthy life and longevity.

SO HUM is a Sankrit mantra, which is translated as « I am Him ».

SO HUM Meditation consists of mentally chanting this mantra while following your breath.

The mental repetition of this mantra is based on the power of sound charged with cosmic energy. Its highly powerful vibration and resonance help your mind to focus and calm you down.

Meditation through this mantra reminds you that you are One with the Universe.

Pranayama and SO HUM Meditation bring you all the benefits : Love, Light, Peace, Creativity, Rebalance of Life…