Various Ayurvedic and Energetic Treatments are available to balance the disorders of your health: sleep disorders, burn-out, depression, backache, migraines, stiff neck, sciatica, menstruation issues, negative memories, trauma, energetic attacks and other dysfunctions…

These dysfunctions are treated at their origin due to the initial traumas, as well as to psychic emotions for the most part.

It is often beneficial to consider 2 to 3 sessions grouped together at the start to achieve an appropriate assessment.


Anne Nguyen is a must on the « therapist » planet.

Studied at :

Ayurveda : Dr Vasant Lad – The Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque NM – USA – Dr Hari Pallathery & Dr Balasubramanian – Sudarsanam Center for Ayurveda & Yoga, Coimbatore – India

Kriya Yoga : Paramahansa Yogananda – Self Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles CA – USA

Code Lemuria, Ancestral Bioenergy of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) : Marcos Guerrero & Sylvain Coulomb

EMMETT Technique : Regula Scherrer & Olivier Bonnafy – National Institute of Emmett Technique – France

Acupressure, Reflexology, Techniques Similar to Osteopathy : Võ Hoàng Yên, Bình Phước – VN & Lý Phước Lộc, Westminster, CA – USA

Acupressure & Sunyoga : Sunyogi Umashankar – Universal Peace Center, Calcutta – India

Chi Nei Tsang & Tok Sen : Mantak Chia – Tao Garden, Chiang Mai – Thailand

Sound healing with therapeutic tuning forks : Dr John Beaulieu, New York – USA

Aura Reading, Holistic Medicine of the Subtle and Physical Bodies : Mahamane Toure, Paris – France

Colortherapy : Technique of Jean-Michel Weiss – France & Darius Dinshah – Dinshah Health Society, Malaga NJ – USA

Holistic Therapeutic Massage : Tao Chi Kai, London – United Kingdom

Presentation :

Since the day of her birth, Anne Nguyen was immersed in a nebula of violence and Indochina wars… In this climate, she had to « adapt herself » to survive and to synchronize with different cultures and languages.

At the age of seven (age of reason), Anne was overwhelmed by fundamental and existential questions that emanated sadly from the context.

Ensuring at this high level of resilience that the outstanding talent of our experienced therapist is emerging.

In the cradle of a vibrant cosmopolitan culture and infused with a proficiency of various foreign languages, her teenage life has instinctively led her to the field of Tourism.

For twenty-one years, she has been working in several Tourism Trades, in charge of travel planning, including distribution, flight operation and yield management, hotel rooms along with sustainable developmental fair trades… Cultural, sports, and ethnic trips, were among some of her preserved primitive attributes, however, they did not fill her personal quest.

At 39 year-old, she discovered the practice of meditation, leading her to the infinite source of pure awareness, wholeness and harmony. She is now fully contented.
As well, she is now spending most of her time studying the doctrines related to meditation – Especially Kriya Yoga of Self-Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920. There, followed by the Sunyoga, Acupressure Internships provided by Sunyogi Umasankar (from the Universal Peace Center of Calcutta).

As a result, she has deepened her knowledge of Acupressure, in harmony with ayurvedic and energetic treatments.

Certainly, meditation has always responded to her spiritual quest from her early age.

Energy Massage Sessions jointly associated with Ayurvedic Cares, Acupressure and Color therapies, are methods to revive the Vital Energy, eliminate blockages and help to harmonize the functioning of the conductible energy flow of the body.


Presentation Anne Nguyen Ayurveda Energy

Ayurvedic Face Massage with Kansa Wand & OM Sound Therapy Tuning Forks

Find all my videos on my Youtube channel « . Anne Nguyen Ayurveda Energy  »


They trusted me…

Thanks to Ayurvedic cares provided by Anne, I left the hospital the day after her benefits after 3 weeks of viral fevers. She also restored the spine of my wife who had back pain for 9 months. Since then, I call on his services for all energy imbalances.

BOY, (Boulogne)

Hello My Tinkerbell,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your best advice. Have been suffering for a month, here I am in good shape and full of energy, the good energy that emanates from you.
I can only recommend to all those who want to feel the benefits of your good treatments, not to hesitate, a truly rejuvenating process!
1000 kisses to you!

MARTINE, (Royan)

Anne has worked for the benefit of my physical, mental and spiritual well being since August 2017. I also am aware of other people who she has worked with.
She applies definite scientific healing modalities and techniques along with her intuitive knowledge of the persons whom she is treating to bring about positive changes.
Very few people have the discipline and understanding of the healing techniques which Anne does. I would highly recommend her.

CAROL S. HOWLAND , (Plant City - Virginia, USA)

Anne is a light in life! Genuine love and care of others with an equal mix of intuition and knowledge. I recommend her to anyone.
Sincerely Carol Ann Berry


Very good vibration. Happy to have been able to attend this first session which enriched my body and my mind.

LUDOVIC, (Bagneux)

Energy massage sessions and chakras balancing have stimulated my energy and vitality. Anne NGUYEN listens with kindness, understanding, patience and broadmindedness.
Her Ayurvedic treatments and her advice in nutritherapy have greatly improved my genital and prostatic dysfunction. It is a natural therapy that has relieved me, restored confidence and harmonized energies.

GIL, (Fontenay-aux-Roses)

Anne goes beyond the usual apprenticeship with her personal gifts.

ALAIN, (Paris 15e)

Although I have been fasting regularly for a full day once a week for the past few years, I had never found the right laxative to cause the desired detoxification. In the past, I had tried various laxatives without noticeable success, and consequently had not slept well on them. Fortunately, Anne’s assessment and understanding of Ayurveda helped me find the right solution: organic castor oil and the right amount. Castor oil has brought immediate effects in my regular fasting, and I have more energy; my digestion is finally painless and efficient!
Anne, I also want to thank you for your recent coaching on Hatha Yoga. Your suggestion to practice your 3 asana (yoga postures) routine to relieve the tension in my shoulders and spine worked so well that I was able to return to my duties the next day. My duties now require a lot of physical activity and I am so glad I was able to recover.
Thank you Anne N. for your understanding and wise counsel.

VICTOR CARDENAS, (Toronto, Canada)

A BIG THANK YOU Anne for the help you gave my daughter Laura recently. Her left knee had been locked for several months, she was doing rehabilitation sessions with very little results. Thank you for the way you were able to create a relationship of trust with her, which allowed her to relax, to help her leg muscle to return to its original position when it was extremely contracted. Her knee had swollen and it was so painful for her that her gait was altered and in a static position she compensated by constantly leaning on her other leg. Anne, I appreciate your expertise and your mastery, because within 10 minutes Laura was walking normally and without pain, while many doctors have not been able to provide a solution to her situation. Except to generate fear by telling her that « later on, she would not have a normal gait if she did not do the prescribed exercises daily ». However, this did not solve the problem of pain when doing these exercises that she practiced 1h30 a day. Laura and I are extremely grateful for your help, your sensitivity and your humanity. THANK YOU!

RÉMI, (Paris)

All I can say is Thank you!
When Anne saw my emotional and professional difficulties, she recommended 6 sessions to resort to this.
And she was right.
The heartache and emotional problems are over and a huge rebound is felt in my personal and professional life.
Doors opened, my projects and achievements became reality.
Moreover, the care was very complete because I received advice on my diet among other things.
So infinite gratitude.
Thank you Anne for your patience, your generosity and your work.

JADE, (Paris)


Do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment or simply for more information. You can also reach me at : +33 (0)6 65 28 68 07 or by mail :


    Address :
    89, rue de Turbigo

    75003 Paris

    Métro : Temple (line 3 – across the street from exit) or République (lines 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 – 150m walk)

    All energy treatments & services :
    In office & Remote Care: 80 euros / 30 min.

    120 euros / hour
    At home: Minimum 2hrs, 140 euros / hour
    Vastu Shastra (feng shui ancestor) : On request depending on the size of the geographic location
    One hour session offered for a card of 10 prepaid sessions (1200 euros).



Ayurvedic and Energy therapies are not medical treatments in Western medicine
 and are not meant to replace any ongoing medical and surgical cares.
    Professional secrecy is observed with respect the exchange of confidentiality and the consultants’ integrity.